Gold Toe Women’s Pima Cotton Trouser…

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Katie I have these socks and all of a sudden they have become hard to find. Goldtoe has also changed the content - very bad! I have searched and searched for the cotton in the goldtoe sock. Cotton provides the warmth and nylon provides the stretch and durability. Cotton is soft enough for me and I LOVE THESE SOCKS. They stay up, they are durable, and they don't lose the color after many washings. In the winter my feet are warm with these socks. Hose don't last as long as these socks. Hose run, and they are not as warm. Goldtoe has changed the content of their kneehighs and I don't like that content. I NEED either cotton or wool mix. DON'T let Goldtoe get rid of this sock - PLEASE!!!! This sock is great with boots as well!! IT DOES NOT FALL DOWN ON YOU or run down your leg. I am so very happy I found this sock I have used for ever!!! It gets cold and wet in the winter down here.

cbl Ordered 12 pr, you noted that some were out of stock. Received 5 of 12 pairs. The socks are fine, it would have been nice if you could have told me during the order process how may pairs were available, or the likelihood/time frame of additional shipment. I have no idea whether I paid for 12 pair, and whether I will ever receive 12 pair. Unless you fix this, I won't be back.

Green-Eyed Lady Would not recommend these to anyone looking for a true ivory/cream/off-white color. I was very disappointed when I received these. Ivory socks are not easy to find. Too bad, because the quality is very nice, so other colors ,ay be OK>


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Gold Toe Women’s Pima Cotton Trouser…

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